Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register my junior for tournaments?
A: Click Register on any of the schedule pages to register for a particular tournament.

Q: What does waitlisted mean?
A: The tournament is full and your junior could be added if a decision is made to increase the field size or if some players withdrawal.

Q: When should we arrive for the tournament?
A: Arrive at least 45 minutes before junior's tee time to allow for sign in and warm up.

Q: Do tournaments have food and drinks?
A: Most do not suppy food or drinks so plan to bring your own unless you want to purchase from the golf club.

Q: What if there is inclement weather?
A: Most junior tours will play in inclement weather unless the course becomes unplayable. Rain gear, layered clothing, gloves and hand warmers are recommended.

Q: How often should my junior play tournaments?
A: As often as the junior wants to after considering your budget and availability. LET US PLAN your junior's schedule.

Q: Do tournaments allow caddies?
A: Some tournaments allow caddies. Please check with each tour.

Q: Do tournaments allow carts?
A: Most tournaments allow juniors to use their own push carts and spectators to rent motorized carts.

Q: Which tournaments should my junior play?
A: It depends how advanced the junior is, where you live and your availability. LET US PLAN your junior's schedule.

Q: Are range balls available to hit before each tournament?
A: Most courses have range balls which may or may not be included in the tournament entry fee.